Woven Color: The Tapestry Art of James Koehler


“Part biography, part philosophy–with enough ‘how to’ thrown in to keep the weavers salivating for a promised technical book in the future–this work is as captivating as his colors.  James shares new ways to look at tapestry and at the world, ways to construct both a piece of cloth and a life.  The tapestries cradle us in waves of light, and what could be more compelling than to learn about the structure of that cradle, to find that there is a person who has thought, calculated, measured, counted picks, and studied the geometry of sine waves so that we can rest?

With generosity and clarity, he describes his childhood, family expectations, time in the New Mexico desert as a monk, and years as an independent artist making a living.  He shares his discoveries about weaving, study, dyeing, and spirituality as he describes the ways in which he has honed his understanding and explored ideas.  Landscape, labor, friendship, studio choice, economic necessity, and above all, thought and time have molded his work.”
–from the Foreword by Sarah Swett

James Koehler’s new book is available through Blurb Publications.  The book is 8″ X 10″, 296 pages, 291 illustrations, hard cover with dust jacket.